Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Thank you Quincy and Newman  for the shout out and for all your help (you are our favorite raiser and puppy team)  ,we are still working out the bugs and saying we are under construction is an understatement , so don't mind the dust  and welcome .   

Dwayne and Beau went to the last group meeting alone, while Newman and I  took Q to AP  testing in the opposite direction .Dwayne quickly learned Quincy makes it look easy ,so no pictures this week, he said it was enough to just juggle busy bags ,water,the leash and the bouncing ball at the end of it  , but they did fine .  Newman and I had it easy we shopped and wondered around killing time waiting for Q.

  Beau's  first SEGD picture came  in the mail  , what a cute little fluff ball the note said he was 6 weeks old at the time .

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